Cambodia Charity Housebuild

I joined a Charity House Build team in Cambodia - The Tabitha Foundation, on Thanksgiving week in November 2011.


The build took place in the village of Kep near Kempot (famous for it's pepper corns) and the Vietnamees boarder. Our international team of 19 people consisted of mostly Canadians, 5 Orange (Mobile Phone Company) Bikers with their Harley Davidsons and myself from England. We managed to raise in excess of $20,000 and built a new community of 18 houses in 2 days! The excess funds have gone towards other projects like the·FAWCO·'Wells for Clean Water' that are being built throughout the country.


At the time, the Tabitha Foundation had 13 house-building teams in different parts of the country. We were one of seven who built on 'Thanksgiving' week! Together the teams built 250 starter homes for the Cambodian people during this month.


It's a cultural norm Janne the founder of Tabitha tells us at orientation; that a person should die in their own home ... one of their greatest fears is to die without a permanent home. Tabitha houses are the beginning - over the years as they become more affluent they will upgrade, expand and personalise their starter home. They are marvellous craftsmen and women and their intricate carpentry is quite beautiful. 


One of the mums who received such a home stated simply: “You will forget us when you leave - but on the day that I die, it is your face that I will see.”


The housebuild teams meet the Tabitha's sucess stories ... those individuals or families who have managed to pull themselves out of poverty. Save and afford a Tabitha starter home. Each family had been saving for 7 years the equivalent of one years earnings for these homes. That is quite a commitment from them and to think in this one village 18 families did so. That tells you something about the village of Kep.
It was a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful to have been able to successfullly participate in this project!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Do something amazing in 2012!

Friday, July 03, 2020
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