Dublin Exhibition 2012

This exhibition was inspired by FAWCO’s WaterProject and it’s partner organisation: Tabitha,Cambodia www.tabitha-cambodia.org.

Most of the Paintings are a direct result of past FAWCO Conferences and their tours, notably:·2005 Birmingham - England, 2006 Eastern part of a unified Berlin - Germany, 2007 Lyon - France, and 2010 Boston - Massachusetts U.S.A.

You could say this is an exhibition of paintings of water from around the FAWCO world.

In November 2011, I took part in Tabitha’s ‘Hammers for Homes’ project. On this ‘hands-on’ humanitarian project that resulted in the build of 18 starter homes and 23 'Wells for clean water' for rural Cambodians, working their way out of poverty; I was able to witness first hand the impressive work of 'Tabitha' in Cambodia.

I'm proud to announce that my Dublin 'Water' exhibition has enabled me to donate a further 2 'Wells for Clean Water' through the FAWCO Target Water Project to 'Tabitha'.

For more information about the Cambodia Charity House Build project click here.

Monday, August 10, 2020
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