Treasures in Progress

This painting will be created by taking elements from 2 of the client's own photos on a beach that is deeply sentimental for all the family. The resulting image (shown here) has been enhanced and extended to simulate it’s final proportions on canvas.
The background: sea, and surf are fine tuned; general formation of dunes played out ...
Here the canvas is prepared and areas of color are quickly blocked in.
Next, my attention is focused on the sheltering rock surface and I've intensified the beach ... I'll adjust the tones of the beach later.
Here the beach is fine tuned  and given some spacial depth. I've been looking forward to this part ... the brilliant colours and placement of the children.
And building up the foreground with the client's secret messages, the children are so much fun to paint. My palette is full of beautiful, bright primary colors!
Here is the finished painting. The Client knows where their secret messages are hidden; I bet you cant find them. It's been varnished and UV protected so hopefully in 300 years from now it won't show signes of oxidizing like Van Gogh's ...
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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